Vobo Cloud on Github

Vobo Cloud on Github

Now the era of writing code for classic "Corporate Site" and similar jobs is over

"Vobo Cloud " is powered by the " Fix Framework " developed specifically for the sass backbone structure. It is used quickly and functionally thanks to its easy-to-access encoded infrastructure in plain language.

With the sass feature, you can define individual plugins for each site that opens and manage components as you wish. For registered sites, the registration limit is set separately.

With the developed plug-in infrastructure, fully integrated plug-ins can be developed on the system.

It has a positive effect on users with its easy-to-use interface and operations.

Api documentation is automatically prepared for the created components, it creates a sample code fragment, data connection, and process links in the created document.


Form Elements 

    1. Text input
    2. Tags input
    3. Select - Option
    4. Radio – Option
    5. Checkbox - Option
    6. Number input
    7. Photo manager
    8. Text editor
    9. Color select
    10. Multi Select – Option
    11. Textbox
    12. Input mask
    13. Random
    14. Date